Other Local Attractions to Visit

  • Sprott Fountain

    • Lake Marma Recreation Reserve, Lake/Breen Streets, Murtoa VIC 3390

    The Sprott Fountain was officially opened in October 1894 and was built, and named, in honour of Mr WR Sprott. Mr WR Sprott was the manager of the Colonial Bank, as well as a member of the Murtoa Mechanics Institute and the Murtoa Progress Committee. It was decided by the Progress Committee that the fountain be erected in the Lake Precinct; the place at which was the heart of the Progress Committee’s beautification efforts during Mr. Sprott’s membership. Mr. Sprott was an enthusiastic proponent of tree planting around Murtoa and Lake Marma.

  • Murtoa’s Lizard Sculptures

    • Marma & Duncan Streets, Murtoa VIC 3390

    Murtoa is Aboriginal for ‘Home of the Lizard’. You will find lizards all over the place, including a collection of mosaic lizard artworks on median strips in Marma and Duncan Streets by artist Steve Monk.

  • Murtoa Cemetery

    • Wimmera Highway, towards Rupanyup, VIC

    Three kilometres east of town is a very well-preserved 19th Century cemetery which features many intact early floral decorations and graves with old German inscriptions dating from the 1870s.

    It has recently had a wonderful sculpture seat by artist Steve Monk, added as a memorial to the children buried within, which features a Madonna and child motif.

  • Wood’s Farming and Heritage Museum

    • 109 Wimmera Hwy, Rupanyup VIC 3388
    • 0427 159 154
    • Opening Times
      • Saturday-Sunday9:00am - 4:00pm

    Located in the old Wimmera Inland Freezing Works buildings on the Eastern edge of Murtoa are some massive Ruston-Hornsby engines.

    They are of impressive size, up to twenty tonnes or more, and were originally installed to generate power and refrigeration for the Works in 1911. They are probably unique to be still sited on their original foundations to this day.

  • Barrabool Nature Reserve

    • Barrabool Road, Lubeck VIC 3385

    Just south of Murtoa, this reserve is a place of largely undisturbed Wimmera forest with important Aboriginal sites and many marked trees.

    It is accessible only when dry via the many tracks throughout. Some ancient trees and even older waterways abound within – a real treat for the Nature buff.

  • Minyip – The Flying Doctors Series Fame

    • 76 Main Street, Minyip VIC 3392

    MINYIP is most famous for being the place where the Flying Doctor television series was made and to this day the series is still very popular all over the world.

    EMMA’S CAFE & TAKEAWAY is open from 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 8pm on Friday & Saturdays. The Café displays Flying Doctors Memorabilia.

  • Wimmera Mallee Tourism

    For further hidden getaways that are waiting for you in Victoria’s very own Wild West, the Wimmera Mallee, please visit the Wimmera Mallee Tourism website.

    The Wimmera Mallee is widely regarded as the agricultural heart of Victoria and is a stone’s throw away from some of the best rural natural attractions in Australia.

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