6. The Stick Shed Moving Forward

Eventually, as time passed a compromise was reached between local economic progress and maintaining tangible heritage. The local interest groups managed to gain funds for urgent repairs to the deteriorating building.

Slowly momentum increased and the Stick Shed gained recognition as a heritage building that could function within an active and regionally important grain storage facility.

The Stick Shed as you see it today remains fully protected, and it was added to the Australian Heritage List in 2014 as entry number 101. The National Trust was the prime instigator assisted by Heritage Victoria and supported by the Yarriambiack Shire Council. This is recognition of a significant part of Australia’s history associated with the wheat industry and the impact of World War Two on the home front.

The Stick Shed Committee of Management was formed under the Government of Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning in 2016 and as a result the Stick Shed is now managed locally and opened to the public with the support of Murtoa Lions Club volunteers. 

The focus of the committee is investment in the repair of the building, sustaining the structure as part of the regions important grain history and opening the Stick Shed to the public.

The Stick Shed is now a major tourist attraction in the Wimmera. 

Your visit to the Stick Shed supports the protection of this piece of Australia’s heritage for future generations.

Be sure to spread the word about Murtoa’s Stick Shed.