Stick Shed Stalwart Leigh leaves

One of the key campaigners who led the charge to save the Murtoa Stick Shed from demolition, Leigh Hammerton, is moving away from the Wimmera.

Mr Hammerton became involved in the fight to save the Stick Shed in 1991 shortly after moving to Murtoa and served on the Shed’s Committee of Management until last week. Paying tribute to Leigh’s efforts, Secretary/Treasurer of the Stick Shed C.O.M David Grigg said while Mr Hammerton had gone through some trials and tribulations to save the now major tourist attraction, he was sure Leigh is proud of what it has become.

On behalf of the Committee of Management, Mr Grigg presented Leigh with a certificate of appreciation and the first ever piece of memorabilia, a pen, made from genuine recycled Stick Shed timber.

Mr Hammerton said his entire time in the Wimmera had been a pleasure and he had met a lot of nice people and had a lot of support along the way. He said “it hasn’t just been me, Heritage Victoria played an extremely important part in the outcome for the future.” “I think it will improve with age.”

Leigh also thanked Mr Grigg and the committee for their help and support.

In 2013 Leigh Hammerton won the Heritage Council of Victoria’s Heritage Volunteer award. The following year He and Mr Grigg were able to celebrate the National Heritage listing of the Stick Shed which meant it was finally safe from demolition. Mr Hammerton also wrote “Shedding Light: The Murtoa Stick Shed Saga” which told the story of the battle to save the “Cathedral of the Wimmera”.

Leigh Hammerton (L) is presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Stick Shed C.O.M. Sec/Treasurer David Grigg