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A Poem for the Stick Shed

The Stick Shed has received a great deal of feedback in many formats about the majesty of the building, usually as verbal commentary from visitors. Then every so often a visitor puts down in words his impression of our Stick Shed. A recent visitor, Leslie Littleford penned this poem. credit The Murtoa Advertiser.Read More

Stick Shed Stalwart Leigh leaves

One of the key campaigners who led the charge to save the Murtoa Stick Shed from demolition, Leigh Hammerton, is moving away from the Wimmera. Mr Hammerton became involved in the fight to save the Stick Shed in 1991 shortly after moving to Murtoa and served on the Shed’s Committee of Management until last week.…Read More

Stick shed upgrade to boost Murtoa tourism

Please find this article about The Stick Shed’s upcoming exciting upgrade to boost Murtoa tourism: More